Now more than ever you want something to celebrate. Why not organise a ‘Virtual Baby Shower’ for someone who is expecting!

Here I will give you top tips and games to play at your very own ‘Virtual Baby Shower’

Download Zoom (technical tips listed below), schedule the date and time for your event with the party guests and ask everyone to bring along a pen and pad – then get everyone online to share you’re the excitement of the parents-to-be.


  • Get everyone’s email address to send the Zoom invitation link to
  • Get everyone to send you a baby picture of themselves via email/WhatsApp
  • Collect 10 childhood pictures of the mum-to-be – make sure you know what age she was in each of these
  • Collect baby pictures of both expectant parents
  • Find 10 animals and find out what their ‘baby’ names are e.g. Goat – Kid
  • Create a playlist of 10 songs with the word ‘baby’ or ‘babe’ in the title
  • Send 3 different baby phrases to each party member – don’t tell them what this is for, but these will be for acting out in a game of Baby Shower Charades
  • Send 3 different baby phrases to each party member – don’t tell them what this is for, but these will be for drawing out in a game of Baby Shower Pictionary
  • Have each guest write one short letter to the mum-to-be. It can be full of jokes, well-wishes, or simple expressions of love and friendship.


  • Tell everyone to wear a funny hat to the ‘shower’ – just for fun!
  • Tell everyone to have their cup of tea and party food ready for the ‘Shower’!


  1. Guess the baby – Go through the piccies the party have previously sent to you and everyone has to write down who they think the baby is.
  2. Guess the age – go through the 10 pics of Mum-To-Be – everyone has to guess how old mum was in each of the photos and write it down.
  3. Mummy or Daddy – go through the baby pictures of the expectant parents and everyone has to guess whether it’s the mummy or daddy
  4. Animal Babies – go through 10 animals and everyone has to guess the baby name of each
  5. Name the Tune – play 30 seconds of each song and have everyone guess the artist and title
  6. Baby Shower Charades – get each person to go through the top 3 ‘baby phrases’ you have sent them, and they have to ‘act’ each of these out with everyone else trying to guess. They have a minute to get through they’re 3 before play moves on.
  7. Baby Shower Pictionary – get each person to go through the last 3 ‘baby phrases’ you have sent them and they have to draw that phrase while other people guess what it is – this game is made harder online as they will have to hold their drawing pad up whilst they draw!

Love Letters –Rather than a game, Mum-to-be can read out the notes of love from her friends and family when she wants to relieve stress or simply to put a smile on her face.



  • Zoom is a free download however you are limited to 40minute sessions for any group chats. So you may have to launch a new zoom call part way through your party (Easy to do)
  • Once you have downloaded zoom you can set up an invitation to share with everyone by email. Remove the need for a password to make it easier
  • When in Zoom you can ensure you (and everyone else) can see everyone. Top Right there is an option of ‘Gallery view’ make sure this is selected so that you can view everyone as tiles.
  • With Zoom anyone in the ‘party’ can share their screen with everyone else. To do this select Share screen (located at the bottom of your screen) – then select the screen you would like to share with the party

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